• Philosophy

    Since it's very beginning Container Solutions has focused on the customer. It is easy to use price or clever sales gimmicks to sell products or provide service, but in the long run these are what build a lasting relationship. The value we deliver to each customer is driven out of our commitment to our customers.

  • Experience

    We have made mistakes and learned a lot over the last 20 years. We know our skills and ability and if we can't provide what you want we'll do our best to introduce you to someone who can! Our depth of experience has been a key element in providing for our customers year after year.

  • People

    Many years ago we learned the benefit of hiring, training and keeping quality people in our office, our shop and in our delivery trucks. We have a saying that if you stay with Container Solutions for more than 2 years we want you here for life! The value of dedicated employees who enjoy their work, are invested in the company culture and share in our philosophy of customer service.

  • Just The Right Size

    Container Solutions is in a sweet spot, small enough to not be buried in policies and procedures but large enough to do everything we can to meet every customer's expectation. We have 6 trucks, we have 4 full time mechanics repairing and modifying containers and office staff that can handle opportunities and service request with competency.

  • Trust

    We know that for our customers what you store in our equipment is often much more valuable to you than the container you are renting or buying from us. Know that you can trust us to do all we can to insure that the equipment is in the condition you need, in the place that suits your need and billed as agreed. We know the importance of that trust.

  • Giving Back

    For many years Container Solutions has made available a percentage of it's fleet to help organizations that directly help needy people in our service area. Additionally we help support and work with groups in Africa in areas of micro finance, building schools and rescue kids from big city slums. We know that generosity is a key element in being healthy.


Phil Herndon

Founder / CEO



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